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Latin America Made in Canada

Maria del Carmen Suescun Pozas and Alena Robin, Editors

Latin America serves as a placeholder for culture and values that inherently set it apart from Canada. In addition to the Latin America that is embodied in the people and goods that come from the near and distant south, Latin America speaks to us from within Canada, insofar as local and transnational awareness is incorporated into Latin American poetics and traditions that are mediated by those who—regardless of their birthplace—are based in Canada. Latin America Made in Canada explores the making of Latin America as part of the cultural heritage of both Latin America and Canada.
This collection of original essays is divided into four chronological sections: trans-American pathways of neocolonialism shows how ideologies rooted in colonialism and racism persist in the postcolonial era; from outsiders to insiders tears down the imaginary cultural and linguistic wall that separates the two regions, and offers a glimpse into the ways in which people previously perceived as outsiders become insiders; building community considers strategies that people who were born in Latin America mobilized to root themselves in Canada and organize for political and artistic ends; and hall of mirrors provides examples of immersive experiences that facilitate the dissolution of distance. Essay topics encompass a full range of practices in mainstream journalism and ethnic media, the tourist industry, curatorial and exhibiting practices, performance in culture and the arts, linguistic landscapes, and music education. Following in the steps of cultural history and political science, which delve into intercontinental relationships, this book explores cultural production as part of Canadian-Latin American relations, with a particular focus on how Latin America is rooted in Canadian soil.

1. Representations of Brazil in Canadian Newspapers at the Turn of the Twentieth Century /Rosana Barbosa
2. Depictions of Authenticity and Risk in Canadian Tourism Representations of Latin America / Madeleine de Trenqualye
3. Representations of the Latin American Diaspora in Quebec: Latino-Québécois Visions / Mariza Rosales Argonza
4. Exhibiting Mexican Art in Canada: Histories of Cultural Exchange and Diplomacy in the Mid-Twentieth Century / Sarah E.K. Smith
5. Economic Pilgrimage to Southern Ontario: Vincenzo Pietropaolo and the Photohistory of Mexican Farmhands, 1984–2006 / Jason Dyck
6. Linguistic Landscape: Imagined Borders and Territories Made by/for Latin Americans in Canada / María Eugenia De Luna Villalón
7. Expatria: Natalia Lara Díaz-Berrio’s Photographs on the Mexican Diaspora and the Domestic Space (Visual Essay) / Natalia Lara Díaz-Berrio
8. Culture for la denuncia: The Chilean Exile Community and the Political Goals of Cultural Expression, 1973-1980 / Francis Peddie
9. Theatre and the Building of a Latin American Identity in Canada /Andrea Ávila
10. Perspectives of Exile in Twenty-First Century Hispano-Canadian Short Narrative /Ana Chiarelli
11. Ethnic Media in Canada: Latino Newspapers in the GTA, Hamilton, and Niagara, 2001-2015 / John-Alexander Raimondo
12. El Sistema Up North: Re-Imagining Venezuela’s Music-Education Program for Canada / Victoria F. Wolff
13. Stammer and Rustle: Indisciplined Translations (Visual Essay) / Dianne Pearce
14. You Look at Me, I Look at You: Urban Space and Identity Reciprocity in the Work of Catherine Bodmer vNuria Carton de Grammont

Homenaje al profesor Juan C. Godenzzi

Estudios dedicados al profesor Juan C. Godenzzi

Enrique Pato (ed.)

Este volumen colectivo ha sido concebido como un homenaje al profesor Juan C. Godenzzi de parte de sus colegas, amigos y discípulos, en reconocimiento a su dedicación y aportación a los estudios sobre el contacto de lenguas, las culturas y sociedades andinas, la movilidad urbana y el lenguaje. El libro celebra la extensa labor científica y editorial del doctor Godenzzi, con la creación de la revista universitaria Tinkuy. Boletín de investigación y debate (Université de Montréal, 2005), así como sus diversos proyectos de investigación en Perú, Bolivia y Chile a lo largo de más de tres décadas.

El volumen recoge 27 trabajos de destacados especialistas y nuevas voces en las áreas de lengua española y contacto de lenguas, así como otros estudios de especialistas en literatura española e hispanoamericana y disciplinas humanas y sociales, todas ellas en relación con la labor científica del profesor Godenzzi. Los temas tratados abarcan, desde varios marcos teóricos y enfoques, cuestiones gramaticales, fenómenos lingüísticos de contacto y adquisición, enseñanza de lengua y traducción, análisis de obras literarias, problemáticas sociales y producciones artísticas.